2020 Elton Lecture: Sally Haslanger

Fri, 6 March, 2020 8:30pm
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March 6, 2020

Sally Haslanger: Ford professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies at MIT.

Social Justice: Can Anyone Really Make a Difference?

We live in a world where injustice is rampant. The injustice takes many forms, and is upheld in a variety of ways. In recent decades, theorists have recognized that power to sustain injustice is not just an instrument of control that some individuals have and others lack, but is part of the social field for all social agents. On this account of power, we are all implicated in white supremacy, capitalism, and male domination as we enact everyday practices. But what, then, can we do to promote social justice? This lecture will elaborate how injustice is embedded in our practices and how agents can be empowered to resist that appropriation of this agency and work towards justice.


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