Applied Ethics Minor Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 9 credits in required courses and 9 credits in elective courses.
Required courses (9 credits):
PHIL 2131Ethics: Theory and Applications
PHIL 2135Ethics in Business and the Professions
PHIL 2136Contemporary Issues in Ethics
Three additional courses (9 credits) from the following:
PHIL 2124Philosophies of Disability
or PHIL 2124W Philosophies of Disability
PHIL 2125Philosophy of Race and Gender
or PHIL 2125W Philosophy of Race and Gender
PHIL 2132Social and Political Philosophy
or PHIL 2132W Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 2133Philosophy and Nonviolence
PHIL 2134Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL 2281Philosophy of the Environment
PHIL 3142Philosophy of Law
or PHIL 3142W Philosophy of Law
PHIL 4195Topics in Value Theory
or PHIL 4195W Topics in Value Theory