Core Faculty

Avery Archer

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind, Action Theory, Moral Psychology

(202) 994-8684
Jeffrey Brand

Associate Professor of Philosophy; Affiliated Faculty, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration

Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Political Philosophy

(202) 994-2114
David DeGrazia

Elton Professor of Philosophy, George Washington University

Ethical Theory, Applied Ethics (especially Bioethics), Personal Identity Theory

(202) 994-6913
Michele Friend

Full Professor of Philosophy, Logic Coordinator

Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of the Environment, Philosophy of Science

(202) 994-6708
Chris Meyers

Visiting Professor of Philosophy

Ethical Theory, Metaethics, Moral Psychology, Applied Ethics, Public Policy

Laura Papish

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Kant (especially Kant's Moral Theory), Contemporary Ethics, History of Ethics

(202) 994-4168
Mark Ralkowski

Associate Professor of Honors and Philosophy, Philosophy Honor Society Advisor

Ancient Philosophy, Phenomenology, Existentialism

(202) 994-7290
Eric Saidel

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Director of Graduate Studies, Colloquia (Brown Bag) Coordinator

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology

(202) 994-2009
Joseph Trullinger

Assistant Professor of Honors and Philosophy

Modern Philosophy, 19th-Century Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

(202) 994-7290
Gail Weiss

Professor of Philosophy

Phenomenology and Existentialism, Philosophy of Race and Gender, Philosophy of Literature

(202) 994-4297
Vanessa Wills

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Moral, Social and Political Philosophy; 19th-Century German Philosophy (Karl Marx, in particular); Philosophy of Race

(202) 994-6911
Tadeusz Zawidzki

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science

(202) 994-6444