Why Study Philosophy?

Undergraduate philosophy students in Professor Ralkowski's History of Ancient Philosophy, Bell 106

Across all industries, employers seek candidates who can think critically, solve complex problems in a fast-paced environment, communicate needs and make good judgment calls. An academic foundation in philosophy can lead to success in many careers. Indeed, household names like Susan Sontag, Bill Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Angela Davis and George Soros all have philosophy degrees.

Professional Applications

Do philosophy majors make any money? Chart of annual salaries and salary growth by undergraduate major

Contrary to popular belief, a philosophy degree can lead to lucrative and prestigious jobs. The Atlantic recently reported that philosophy graduates earn more than graduates in other humanities fields. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Philosophy Majors rank highly in Annual Salary and Salary Growth. When it comes to taking the GRE, GMAT or LSAT test, philosophy students have been shown to outscore their peers in the social sciences and even in fields like statistics and economics. And in a time when questions of data security, freedom of speech, business ethics and conscious consumerism are top of mind, experts are calling for moral philosophers occupying the "c-suite."

Our Approach

In the GW Department of Philosophy, we maximize the practical applications of a liberal arts education to the "real world." Through discussion-based courses, students are challenged to organize and present their thoughts logically, make a persuasive argument and consider all perspectives with an open mind. And outside the classroom, they reinforce their training through research projects with faculty and GW’s nationally top-rated internship opportunities.

"Philosophy has allowed me to understand who I am in the world and how I can build a cohesive worldview. Thanks to the department, I can honestly say that living life beautifully and well is undeniably linked to an inquisitive spirit and desire to listen and learn. And this is a skill that continues to serve me in my place of business and my personal life."

Jared Bulla
BA '20, Philosophy and Economics