BA in Philosophy

students listening to a lecture in a philosophy class

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy master foundational concepts in logic and ancient and modern philosophy. Majors in this more traditional BA option also complete four electives chosen from courses such as Philosophy of Art; Ethics in Business; and Mind, Brain and Artificial Intelligence. 

Exceptional students are encouraged to apply for departmental honors and may consider the combined BA/MA program.

Visit the GW Bulletin for a complete list of Philosophy course descriptions.

"The wisdom of philosophers from the past and present has helped me grapple with issues I encounter on a daily basis, like how I engage with politics. The subject matter is important, but so are the avenues of thinking you will explore with the department."

Tom Crean
BA '20

Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

Program-specific curriculum:

PHIL 1051Introduction to Philosophy
The following three courses (9 credits):
PHIL 2045Introduction to Logic
PHIL 2111History of Ancient Philosophy
or PHIL 2111W History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 2112History of Modern Philosophy
And one course (3 credits) selected from the following:
PHIL 3113Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
or PHIL 3113W Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 3172American Philosophy
or PHIL 3172W American Philosophy
PHIL 4192Analytic Philosophy
or PHIL 4192W Analytical Philosophy
PHIL 4193Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy
or PHIL 4193W Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy
Four additional philosophy (PHIL) courses (12 credits) numbered 2000 or above.
One of the following 6-credit options:
Option A: Two proseminars
Proseminar (taken twice for a total of 6 credits)
Option B: Honors thesis. Requires departmental approval and successful completion of a senior thesis.
PHIL 4198Proseminar (3 credits)
PHIL 4199Readings and Research (3 credits)