Faculty Areas of Speciality

Browse GW Department of Philosophy faculty by interest and specialty:

Faculty Name Area of Specialty Email
Avery Archer Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Normativity Theory, Philosophy of Action [email protected]
Jeffrey Brand normative ethics, metaethics, law, public policy, contemporary political philosophy [email protected]
David DeGrazia ethical theory, practical ethics [email protected]
Michele Friend Formal logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of relativity theory, philosophy of chemistry, philosophy of economics, sustainability, multi-criteria decision aides, philosophy of the environment, values, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of computer science, systems science, classical dressage riding [email protected]
Chris Meyers moral theory, metaethics, moral psychology, applied ethics, political theory, philosophy of law, philosophy of language [email protected]
Laura Papish Kant (esp. Kant's practical philosophy), the history of ethics, contemporary moral theory [email protected]
Mark Ralkowski Ancient Philosophy, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Heidegger, Plato, and Philosophy of Humor [email protected]
Eric Saidel Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Biology, Cognitive Science, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Science [email protected]
Joseph Trullinger Philosophy of religion, critical social thought, utopianism, 19th century philosophy [email protected]
Gail Weiss Phenomenology, Existentialism, Feminist Philosophy, Queer Philosophy, Critical Race Philosophy, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Literature [email protected]
Vanessa Wills Moral, social, and political philosophy, Karl Marx, nineteenth century German philosophy, and the philosophy of race. [email protected]
Tadeusz Zawidzki Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Philosophy of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Human Evolution [email protected]