Fall 2019 Class Notes

November 11, 2019

Dave Anderson, BA ’81, wrote  "Common Sense 2.0," the lead article in the Jan/Feb 2018 Issue of Society. It grew out of his 2016 run for Congress in Maryland's 8th District.

Jack Croddy, BA ’69, retired in 2008 as a minister-counselor. During his long career in the State Department's Foreign Service, he had overseas assignments in Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Brussels, The Hague and Naples (NATO).

Courtney Foley, BA ’05, is a director at American Bridge 21st Century. She is pursuing an MBA at the George Washington School of Business. She previously worked as the deputy field director at the National AFL-CIO.

Maury Landsman, BA ’65, is a retired law professor, living in Minneapolis with his wife, Julie (’66), and his dog, Moxie.

Marisa Mangini, BA ’17, is currently in her second year of medical school at the George Washington University’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences. She still meets with former professors to discuss philosophy.