Logic Tutor

About the Logic Tutor Position

The Department hires one or two Logic Tutors each year to help their fellow undergraduates in logic classes. Tutors are paid by the Department. They hold regular office hours, three hours per week.

The position is open to undergraduate students who enjoyed doing the formal proofs in logic. Applicants should have completed PHIL 3121 Symbolic Logic before applying for the position.

If you are interested in a Logic Tutor position, please submit a short letter of application and a copy of your transcript by the end of the exam period in the fall semester. Deliver these materials to the mailbox of Dr. Michele Friend in ROME Hall 553. Some applicants will be interviewed in the early spring of the following year.

Should you be hired as the next Logic Tutor, you will be expected to tutor for 1.5 hours per week during the spring semester. Half of one of those hours should overlap with the current Tutor, so that he or she can impart some wisdom to you. In the following fall semester, you would be the sole logic tutor, working for three hours per week. In the following spring semester, you would teach for 1.5 hours per week, overlapping with the next Tutor.