Spring 2016 Class Notes

May 11, 2016

Sultan Alamer, MA ’14, after finishing his master’s program, Sultan was accepted into the Ph.D. in political science at GW. He is now in his second year in this program.

Riad Alarian, BA ’14, graduated from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) with an MSc in political theory in November and received a distinction for his graduate thesis on modern readings of the Sharia. He currently works as an editor for Muftah Magazine.

Matthew Calardo, BA ’13, hopes all is well in the GW Philosophy Department! In particular, he wishes professors Zawidzki, Ralkowski, Sigrist and Venner nothing but the best.

Matthew T. Doheny, BA ’71, worked for 26.5 years as an elementary school teacher in the New York State Public Education system and retired in 2010. He received two awards from his local school district for excellence in education.

Heather Fink, BA ’03, is completing her first feature film Inside You as writer/director and continues to direct comedy projects. She is currently working in the sound department on Netflix's Daredevil and The Get Down. Philosophy informs her writing and work daily.

Christine Keen, MA ’92, finds herself dusting off some of her old books 24 years after finishing her MA in philosophy and social policy, as she prepares for an introductory philosophy class she will be teaching for middle and high school students this fall. www.learningoutsidethebox.net

Manali Kumar, BA ’09, is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the department of political science at National University of Singapore. Her research is on prudence and foreign policy decision-making.

Matt Lord, BA ’03, is currently practicing disability law for a national advocacy group with clients in all 50 states, but more importantly, is eagerly awaiting his marriage to another lifelong student of philosophy, Kathleen Berry, this September 2016.

Andrew Menditch, BA ’09, is now living in Baltimore, Md., and works as general manager for Northwest Honda and CFO for Northwest BMW.

Gabriel Muller, BA ’13, is an editorial associate at Atlantic Media Strategies, the digital consultancy of the Atlantic magazine.

Daniel Rice, BA ’13, is currently living in San Francisco working in client success for a business-to-business advisory and consulting firm.

Shannon Sweeney, BA ’12, has worked as a visual effects producer for commercials and has just recently taken a job as a producer at an architectural visualization house that works in animation and virtual reality.

Felicity Thompson, BA ’00, is back in D.C. working on human rights research in West Africa after a decade working in various African countries as a writer, journalist, photographer and filmmaker.

Andrew Zahornacky, BA ’11, co-founded The Unpack, which is  a company that delivers clothing and accessories to your hotel so that you don't need to pack. Business Insider named it 1 of 50 Coolest New Businesses of 2015.