Spring 2017 Class Notes

July 11, 2017

Christian Barbieri, BA ’76, MA ’79, currently resides in Chicago and is developing content for eviCore.

Christopher Ezold, BA ’92, is the managing partner of the Business & Health Group of The Ezold Law Firm, P.C. Christopher acts as general outside counsel to entrepreneurs, multinational businesses and health care providers and practices.

Bret Gifford, BA ’84, is a staff attorney at the Supreme Court of New Hampshire. He remains indebted to Professors Churchill and Caws for supporting his application to the University of Virginia Law School, from which he graduated in 1994.

Jonathan Goulart, BA ’13, is working to provide flexible access to vehicles for people looking to work on Uber. He is currently creating and expanding operations in Chicago for Xchange Leasing, an Uber company.

Christine Keen, MA ’92, gets to re-live philosophy's “greatest hits” by teaching intro philosophy classes to high school students in the D.C. area. She also posts philosophy tidbits on her blog on Sundays.

Rita Roy, BA ’88, MS ’91, has worked in healthcare information and education since attending GW Medical School. She has successfully built software companies to provide enterprise e-learning solutions to associations and hospitals with her husband and fellow GWMC alum Jonathan Merril, MD ’89.

Bruce Rushing, BA ’09, will be joining the University of California, Irvine, Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science in fall 2017 as a PhD student. He was awarded six years of full funding as a teaching assistant, and he will be studying the logic and philosophy of scientific explanation.

Maggie Taylor, MA ’15, recently presented "Won't Someone Think of the Children? Reorienting the Moral Debate on Vaccination" at the University of Colorado at Boulder's Center for Values & Social Policy.

Brittany Verga, BA ’10, has joined the Healthcare and Cyber Law Practice Groups at Cooper Levenson,P.A, a full practice law firm based in New Jersey. She will be primarily based in the firm's Atlantic City office.