Undergraduate Prizes & Awards

The Gauss Prize for Excellence in Philosophy is offered, at most annually, to an undergraduate who has impressed the faculty with her or his commitment to, and understanding of, the discipline of philosophy. The prize is occasionally awarded to more than one student in a given year.

The Thacher-Reynolds Prize supports research by a philosophy major in his or her final summer and academic year at the University. Candidates must submit research proposals in the spring of their junior year. The Prize is worth $2000. The Thacher-Reynolds Prize is made possible by generous gifts from two individuals: 

  1. Michael Thacher, a University alumnus; and 
  2. Daniel H. Weiss, President of Lafayette College (Easton, Pennsylvania), in honor of his relative Matthew Reynolds, a University alumnus, who died of cancer while a student at New York University.

Congratulations to Harry Rosenberg, the 2015-16 Thacher-Reynolds Fellow!  The department will be accepting applications for the 2016-17 Thacher-Reynolds Fellowship(s) in Spring 2016. 

Philosophy Fellow Examines Animal Ethics

Rebecca Groom was the 2010-11 Thacher-Reynolds Memorial Fellow. Her research project, entitled “Racism, Sexism, Speciesism: the Moral Status of Nonhuman Animals, Animal Ethics, and the Ethics of Eating,” is an analysis of issues in animal ethics with an emphasis on responding to the difficult challenges presented by the emergence of factory farms and, also, the use of nonhuman animals in scientific experiments.