Endowed Lectureships

The Philosophy Department is proud to bring to campus each year prominent and internationally recognized philosophers, through the generosity of alumni and friends.

Elton Lecture

The Elton Lectureship, along with the Elton Professorship, was endowed by Romeo Elton, professor of Classics at Brown University, and a personal friend of President Staughton of Columbian College. The Elton Lecture is offered annually on a philosophical subject of general public interest.

Griffith Lecture

The Griffith Lectureship has been renamed in honor of Dr. William B. Griffith.  The lectureship was formerly named after Thomas M. Goutman, alumnus and benefactor, who is a distinguished attorney and former Chair of the Litigation Department at White and Williams, LLP, in Philadelphia. The Griffith Lecture was renamed at the request of Mr. Goutman and is offered annually on a subject related to ethics, social and political philosophy, or public affairs.

Thacher Lecture

The Thacher Lectureship is named in honor of Michael Thacher, alumnus and General Manager, Emeritus, of Public Relations and Communications, UNOCAL Corporation. The Thacher Lecture is offered annually on a subject related to cognitive science, epistemology, logic, or philosophy of science and technology.

Sophia Lecture

This inaugural lecture series has been funded through 2017 by a GW Philosophy alumna, and is designated for early to mid-career women and/or minority philosophers. As many annual philosophy lectures tend to profile already established scholars (of which, as we all know, there are many more men than women), it was the wish of this alumna, who herself is a philosophy professor, to recognize the excellent scholarship of younger women and minority members of the profession through a public lecture that will also advance their own careers. It is the hope of our donor (who prefers to remain anonymous) and our department that publicizing this annual lecture will inspire other philosophy departments to seek more opportunities to showcase the scholarship of women and minority philosophers.


Emeritus Faculty Publications

Elton Professor of Philosophy Emeritus Richard H. Schlagel authored the book Seeking the Truth: How Science Has Prevailed over the Supernatural Worldview, which depicts Western Civilization as a composite of two diverse traditions: the empirical rationalistic perspective of the ancient Greek philosophers and the mystical-revelatory approach of Judeo-Christian religion.